Yahoo/Yelp partnership annoys small businesses

In February this year, Yahoo announced that it was pairing up with review site Yelp and would be phasing out the feedback left on its Yahoo Local listings.

When US users search for local amenities, they are now met with opinions left by Yelp reviewers, with Yahoo Local observations only remaining until such time as Yelp has information available on a particular place.

While the intention here was to provide users with more information while saving Yahoo the trouble of having to collect the data itself, the result has left some small business owners dissatisfied.

The way Yahoo and Yelps partnership works, ten good Yahoo reviews can now be effectively deleted in favour of one mediocre Yelp post. Businesses are claiming that years of good customer service will now no longer be on record for new consumers, who will have to make do with what some perceive as lower quality posts from Yelp.

While both services require users to set up an account, some businesses are also suggesting that anonymous reviews can be posted via Yelp that may damage a company’s reputation.

Looking after the little things

While this change was arguably made with the best of intentions, it does show new partnerships the importance of looking after every detail.

From a legal perspective, this includes ensuring your relationship with your partners gets as much attention as your connection with your customers.

Partnership agreements are essential to the success of any business partnership, as they set out what to do in a whole range of potentially tricky situations, such as if a dispute arises or you need to remove a partner from the business.

Ignoring this crucial early step will leave you at the mercy of the Partnership Act 1890, the provisions of which are rarely an ideal scenario for a young business.

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