Sir Alex Fergusons partnerships

In the wake of Sir Alex Fergusons autobiography book launch on Tuesday 22 October, the world has been clamouring to discover what went on behind closed doors during the former Manchester United boss 26 years at the club.

From 1986 to 2013 Sir Alex led Manchester United to dozens of victories creating a well earned legacy with both fans and players; he also made a name for himself as a ferocious and stern leader.

Partnership fallouts

Perhaps one of the most famous break-ups in modern football history took place in 2003 between Sir Alex and David Beckham. The pair were regarded as inseparable until Beckhams marriage to Victoria Beckham (then Adams) in 1999, when Sir Alex began to regard Beckhams behaviour more in line with a celebrity than a professional footballer.

A dressing room spat between the two became part of Manchester United folklore, when Beckham emerged with stitches above his eyebrow to cover the wound made when a football boot was kicked at his head by Sir Alex. The United manager dissolved their partnership shortly after this famous incident by packing Beckham off to Real Madrid for £24.5m, they would not reconcile for almost a decade.

When two volatile characters come together it is often predicted that there will be a collision on a grand scale. For Sir Alex there have been several players who have fitted this description but none more so than Roy Keane. Their partnership was harmonious for over 10 years, which included Keanes successful four year captaincy for the club, until a series of injuries and Keanes famous MUTV interview, in which he criticised his fellow team mates, brought their partnership to an end.

Successful partnerships

It was not all battles for Sir Alex, he has had some of the most successful partnerships with players that modern football has seen, namely the class of 92. Sir Alex inspired loyalty to Manchester United in a group of young players as they rose through the ranks to become his first team. Those who played for Sir Alex right up until retirement have become as legendary at Old Trafford as the former manager himself, and illustrate how great football partnerships do exist.

Ryan Giggs joined the club only a year after Sir Alex in 1987 and made his debut in 1991 against Everton, he captained for the team on numerous occasions throughout the 2007-2008 season whilst Gary Neville recovered from injuries. Neville and Paul Scholes each made over 400 appearances for Manchester United between 1992 and 2011, having both joined the clubs youth team in 1991 and remaining at United throughout their careers.

Making your partnership lasting

When entering a partnership it is difficult to imagine the road ahead and the problems your business could face. Just as in football, it is important in business to have a water-tight contract in place to ensure the future security of your business when things do go array.

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