Increase in partnerships spurs launch of new legal service

Manchester Solicitors Ralli has set up a new service advising on partnership law which it says is in response to a 50 percent rise in the number of business partnerships registered within the last four years.

The division will be headed by Mark Briegal and will advise on all aspects of partnership law, including traditional partnerships, joint ventures and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) – some 39,000 of the latter have been set up since the structure was introduced in April 2001.

“Business people can unwittingly find themselves in unregulated partnerships without an agreement to set out their contract. This can leave them vulnerable and open to dispute if they don’t lay out the ground rules and an exit strategy from the outset,” said Briegal. “We are advising more and more clients on partnership disputes and dissolutions, particularly in the current climate”.

If you are in a partnership or planning to form a partnership or joint venture or have a dispute, please contact Mark Briegal or call 0161 832 6131.

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