Glyndwr University partners with Wrexham FC

A Conference Premier League club has partnered with Glyndwr University to enhance the career opportunities available to youth team players.

The new scheme will mean that when youth players are signed to a club, they will not have to choose between a higher education and a football career at the age of 16. Instead, Glyndwr University will be providing a range of courses for players to study while continuing with the sport.

A step forward for football

This is a significant move in the right direction for UK football culture, as less than 5 per cent of players who sign junior terms with a professional club continue to have a football career. The aim of the Glyndwr Wrexham Football Academy, is to change this idea that young people can do one or the other. Former Wales and Everton star Barry Horne, said:

“This is one of those rare situations when you can see nothing but positives, it’s a brilliant project and means players won’t be forced to choose between football and an education – they can do both.”

“Glyndwr University will be taking quality students and the football club will be taking quality players. With the support of the university, the club will also benefit from extra support in coaching, physiotherapy and other resources that Glyndwr has at its disposal.”

Horne, who achieved a first class degree in chemistry before pursuing his career in football, currently holds the position of director at Wrexham FC and is an advocate of the scheme.

Forming strong business partnerships

As Glyndwr University already owns Wrexham FC’s Racecourse ground, forming a closer link between the club and the university makes sense for all involved, particularly the players. It is important to carefully consider who you are going into partnership with, as it does not always supersede that a strong friendship or acquaintance translates into a strong business partnership.

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