David Cameron seeks partnership with China

In the same week that Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne read the Autumn Statement, PM David Cameron has been deep in talks in China over the future partnership between the two countries.

Chancellor Osborne stated that Britain’s economy is recovering faster than that of other major economies, including France, Germany and the US; all of whom Britain are currently dependent on as export partners.

In this respect China is becoming ever more important to Britain in a strategic sense; as a financially sound partner with whom to trade is vital for the country to continue its rate of economic recovery.

China and Britain

In the week of December 2 2013, David Cameron promised to create a ‘partnership for growth and reform’ with China, and in a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday the PM pledged to put his ‘full political weight’ behind a proposed EU-China trade agreement.

Mr Li declared that the talks with the PM had been highly productive following a ‘push for breakthroughs’ on nuclear power and high-speed rail, adding that the UK and China had become indispensible partners for each other’s development.

At present Britain is working towards making the UK more attractive to Chinese investors, while China has agreed to purchase equities and stocks in UK nuclear projects. Strengthening links with China for the future will require giving attention to three main areas: visas, air links (in the mean time China continues to fly to mainland Europe while Britain lags behind) and investment into increasing the amount of Asian studies that are taught in schools.

Building strong partnerships

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