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Expulsion from a Professional Practice – Getting it Right

12 January 2017

Venues and Dates: Manchester  |  Thursday 26th January 2017  |  2pm London | Friday 10th February 2017  |  2pm Belfast  |  Thursday 23rd March 2017  |  2pm Edinburgh  |  Thursday 6th April 2017 | 2pm Leeds  |  Thursday 10th April 2017  |  2pm Birmingham  |  Monday 5th June 2017  |  2pm Bristol  |  Tuesday 27th June […]

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Lecture: Expulsion From Professional Practices

15 September 2016

Venues and Dates: Glasgow  |  Wednesday 21st September 2016  |  2pm Manchester  |  Thursday 26th January 2017  |  2pm London  |  Friday 10th February 2017  |  2pm Belfast  |  Thursday 23rd March 2017  |  2pm For more details please visit

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Facing Dissolution of your Partnership – What does this mean for you?

2 September 2014

Dissolution in the context of any business is always an intimidating phrase, as it generally sounds the death knell for the business, whether intentional or not. However, whether your business is a general partnership or a limited liability partnership (LLP) the term dissolution will have very different meanings in practice. General Partnership A general partnership arises […]

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Partner or Employee – Discrimination Does Not Discriminate!

15 August 2014

Where you currently fit into your business can affect the rights you have should something go awry. You might currently be a member of an LLP, a partner of a partnership or an employee, each a very different role within a business. The status you hold in your business will affect the rights you are entitled […]

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Converting from a Partnership – Things to Consider

13 June 2014

A desire to restructure to a more contemporary outfit, as well as the limitation of liability for members, is often an attractive prospect for partners in a general partnership subject to potentially unlimited joint and several liabilities. Converting can also be an attractive prospect from a tax perspective, depending on how you run your business. […]

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LLP member can be classed as worker, Supreme Court rules

2 June 2014

A former law firm Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) member can be classed as a ‘worker’ under the 1996 Employment Rights Act (ERA) and receive legal protection from blowing the whistle on her business partners, according to a Supreme Court ruling. Krista Bates van Winklehof was a fixed share equity partner at Clyde & Co LLP, […]

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Streetcar co-founder recommends business partnerships

27 May 2014

Starting a new business with a business partner as opposed to on your own can be very helpful, according to Streetcar and Lovespace co-founder Brett Akker. In an interview with The Telegraph, he suggested working alongside someone else prevents you from being held back by your own limitations, but stressed the need to find someone […]

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Cable admits Local Enterprise Partnership failure

20 May 2014

Business Secretary Vince Cable has criticised the Governments messy Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) system, a change he played a key role in overseeing. According to the LEP Network website, the initiative was intended to pair up local businesses and authorities in order for them to work together to increase the economic prosperity of their regions […]

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Yahoo/Yelp partnership annoys small businesses

30 April 2014

In February this year, Yahoo announced that it was pairing up with review site Yelp and would be phasing out the feedback left on its Yahoo Local listings. When US users search for local amenities, they are now met with opinions left by Yelp reviewers, with Yahoo Local observations only remaining until such time as […]

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Glyndwr University partners with Wrexham FC

24 April 2014

A Conference Premier League club has partnered with Glyndwr University to enhance the career opportunities available to youth team players. The new scheme will mean that when youth players are signed to a club, they will not have to choose between a higher education and a football career at the age of 16. Instead, Glyndwr […]

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